Beautiful Eyes of Jade

The winged, obsidian giant kneeled outside the house, gazing in through the uncovered window. His long, flowing hair, white as new fallen snow, caught the soft light of the moon. The enormous wings, the color of his hair veined with streaks of silver, were folded close along his well-muscled back. His hands were guantleted in leather, fingerless gloves. The light coming through the window from inside the house glinted off of the sharp metal spikes that lined the knuckles. His feet were shod in much the same way with soft leather boots, spiked with the same strange gleaming black metal. Other than these, his only attire was a simple loincloth held around his waist by a wide, thick leather belt. From this belt hung a large black sword, sheathed in a scabbard of gleaming, emerald, green scaled hide adorned with a row of five unknown gemstones. His eyes were the eyes of a creature of darkness. The dark red irises were wide, allowing none of the white surrounding them to be seen. The pupils were oblong, almost cat-like.

He stared intently through the window, content that the smaller creatures within could not see him. He was careful that none of the light from within fell directly upon him. He remained motionless, drawing no attention. His breath was steady and controlled. He made no sound as he watched. His large pointed ears were turned slightly toward the glass and he listened carefully as he studied the creatures playing games inside the room.

He wondered at the music that fell upon his ears. It was slightly odd, like nothing he had heard before. It was a mixture of sounds. He could make out the twangs of plucked strings, of different thicknesses and tensions. He heard the fingertips of the instrumentalist clamp and slide across them. He heard the steady pounding of sticks on stretched skins. He could make out the subtle click as a stick once contacted the edge of the instrument. Along with these obsolete, almost primal, sounds came the steady influence of frequency controlled, perfectly pitched notes. The music didn't make sense to him, yet it was not against his liking, merely different from that to which he was once used to listening.

As the music flowed through his body, his eyes took in the scene unraveling before him. `Mating ritual?' he questioned himself. Within the room, he could make out two males and three females. `Humans,' his mind recalled. `Men and women....women...the woe of men,' he laughed within himself. Some things were the same in all the dimensions. `The females run the show and let the males think they do...' Actually, each of the sexes appeared to be taking an equal part in the display. They appeared to be taking turns feeding themselves with various fruits and other foods placed between each other's legs. They went slowly, spending more time licking each other's bodies than gorging themselves. Much of the repast seemed to be going to waste. Whatever it was they were doing, it interested the giant greatly. He suddenly became excited at the prospect of joining them.

`Wonder how upset they'd be if I just walked in on them?' he thought to himself, jokingly. He knew that this planet was not yet aware of the dimensions that surrounded it. He thought back quickly to the books they had given him to study before his exile. After a few moments, he suddenly smiled as he remembered one of his favorite characters from the literature of this planet. He moved slowly into the yard, careful not to disturb anything. When he was satisfied that his movement had not been noticed, he bowed his head in concentration. A thick fog slowly condensed upon his body, conforming itself to his vast form. The fog slowly changed, reshaping itself, becoming smaller, churning heavily. Within minutes it abated.

"Shit!" one of the men exclaimed as he stood and ducked into the hallway, followed closely by the others. "Who in hell is that?"

One of the women quickly throws a thin robe around her body and steps over to the door. Opening it carefully, she looks at the stranger standing before her. She never speaks a word. She lets her eyes frame the question that the stranger knows she wishes to ask. She looks at the man expectantly, studying his features, his body.

He is tall, well over six feet, and somewhat thin. He is handsome, yet in a rugged sort of way. His face is the face of one who enjoys the outdoors. His skin is the ruddy color of one who has spent his life mostly outside. He wears a short-sleeved cotton shirt. His muscled arms sprout from wide, solid shoulders. His pants are made of faded blue denim. The knees of which are worn through in spots. On his feet are a pair of old leather hiking boots. The boots appeared to be well worn, the seams at the soles split at a few places. They were stained by the dust of many a road. In his hands he held a six-pack of beer and a bottle of wine. Her eyes once more directed themselves to the stranger's pants. `Yes,' she thought to herself, `They are well-filled.' She once more looked into the man's eyes, asking the unspoken question.

"I'm new around here and I was pretty bored. I heard your party and decided to see if you could stand to be a little hospitable to a man that's trying to fight his way out of the depths of depression." He smiled as he said the words, indicating that he was in no way serious, about anything. He smiled and looked at the woman, waiting for her reply.

He looked at her intently, letting his gaze travel from her feet upward. Her legs were firm and sexy, exposed by the briefness of her robe. She seemed to be well curved, adding to his excitement. He looked into her face. His eyes suddenly locked with hers.

Her eyes, beautiful, intelligent eyes, bore into his own. He could lose himself in those eyes. Indeed, he had already felt the danger of falling into them. The mirrors of her soul, he liked what he saw. Calculating eyes, eyes that knew what they wanted and had the will to take it. Intelligent eyes, eyes that looked beyond the surface, to strip away illusions, to see reality. Fearless eyes, eyes that quickly determined what color could not threaten. Warm eyes, eyes full of life and the desire to live it to its fullest. Beautiful eyes, eyes of jade.

"What's your name?" she asked, becoming interested in the strange man at her doorstep.

The man thought quickly. `The dark man...the clown...the walking wait, that's it.' "Randall," he replied, "Randall Flagg. But my friends call me The Reaver."

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Cheers For Wild Cats

Cheerleading in today's sports world is a sport in itself. The cheerleaders are athletes in their own right. I found this out in a very painful way. I had gone to college football games all of my life and had noticed that the female cheerleaders were always good looking and had well toned bodies. On this particular day I went to a game which was between two very competitive teams, they were also the biggest rivals in the league.

I was a fan of the Tennessee team, having been brought up in Knoxville, and was pulling for them to beat Kentucky. I now live and work in Kentucky and so I was a little torn at any rate. As I think back on what happened I realize that I had gotten my tickets to the game in Kentucky and thus I was sitting in the Kentucky section. At first as I would cheer on Tennessee the people around me were teasing me in a good natured way and I noticed that one of the cheerleaders was noticing me.

Every time that Kentucky would do something positive she would get on the PA system and say things like, "how about that Mr. Tennessee fan" or "what happened Mr. Tennessee fan are the cats too much for the Vols?" After the half Kentucky was beating Tennessee badly and I was really taking a lot of teasing from the people around me. Then this cheerleader really got into it with me. Finally, she got on the PA and said, "Hey, Mr. Tennessee fan. Come on down here and let's see if I can convert you to a cat fan." I hesitated and she said, "What's the matter are you afraid of this little pussy cat. "That did it, I went down and jumped over the wall down to the cheerleaders. As she approached me I noticed several things that had not been evident from a distance; she was beautiful, she was tall, and she looked strong. She came up to me, put her arm around my shoulder and said, "I'm going to twist, turn, squeeze and fold you in front of these people until you yell over the PA system what I tell you to yell. We are going to do this like they did in the Roman times; that is I'll ask the crowd what to do from time to time. Kentucky is slaughtering Tennessee so maybe this will give the fans some excitement to watch. Do you think you can take me? How old are you, I'm 19 and strong as an ox. You look about 40 and weak."

I told her that I was forty and that I really didn't want to be wrestling with her in front of all these people; that she certainly did look healthy enough but that I was a man and felt that I could beat her. I told her that her legs were probably stronger than mine but that my upper body strength was superior to hers. Her name was Brandi, and her reply was, "I'm glad to hear you say what you did, it will make it more fun. Put your hand on my arm and then make the same statement about your upper body strength again."

I thought this a strange request, but this whole situation was strange anyway. I placed my hand on her arm and started to tell her that my upper body strength was superior to hers when she flexed her arm muscles. I stopped my comment in mid sentence as I realized that she also had me beaten in this department. "What's the matter? Still think you can compete with this little girl?" All of this had been broadcast over the PA system and a roar went up as I stood there and shook my head.

Without another word Brandi wrapped her arm around my neck, gave a powerful squeeze and threw me to the ground. She walked over and straddled my body and raised her arms above her head and said through the PA system to me, "Well, how do you like those apples big boy, how's that chicken neck feel? I'm now going to demonstrate the power in my arms by lifting you over my head. Are you folks ready to see me start 'the conversion process'? "The crowd went wild as Brandi bent down and laid the PA mike down on the ground; grabbed a handful of my hair and raised me to my feet. She then placed one hand on my neck and grabbed the seat of my pants with the other and lifted me, seemingly effortlessly, over her head. I was scared to death by now of this beautiful Amazon. She looked up at me and winked. Then she asked, "Are you ready to admit that this 19 year old is too much woman for you?" One of the other girls had brought the microphone over so that everyone could hear what was being said by both of us. Before I could answer, and at this point I was going to say no to her question, Brandi dropped me down into her uplifting knee and knocked the breath out of me. Then she lifted me back up over her head and asked her question again. This time I said yes. Brandi put me down on the ground and stood there as if she had not expended any energy at all. She raised her arm up and flexed it toward the stands and the crowd again let out a roar.

Then she grabbed me in a head lock, squeezed, then pushed my head in between her thighs in a standing head scissors. The pain was unbearable and so I submitted. But, Brandi was really into this by now and was ignoring my pleas. I tried to separate her legs to relieve some of the pain, but I wasn't strong enough to budge those massive, muscular thighs. Brandi was ecstatic; " what's the matter little one? Cat got your tongue? "With that the crowd roared in laughter. I was humiliated! I was loosing a lot of strength and Brandi knew that; she increased the power a little and I began to beg her to quit. I was beginning to feel faint and I knew that this powerhouse of a girl was going to knock me out in front of all these fans; and there was nothing I could do about it.

I was at the point now that I could not talk or think; as she snap squeezed me I could only groan with each increase in pressure. At last I began to fall into merciful unconscious- ness. I wasn't out all the way, Brandi had other plans for me at this point.

She leaned over me and said, "Now little one I want you to ask me nice to put you in a body scissors and crush the breath out of you. Or maybe you would rather me continue to work on your weak neck and head some more. Here feel these legs as you decide." It was so hard to concentrate; but, I knew that I didn't want her legs on my neck or head anymore, plus I thought that she couldn't really hurt me too badly in a body scissors. Feeling her hard as steel legs as I processed these thoughts made me wonder; I said, "Brandi, would you please put me in a body scissors and crush the breath out of me?" My voice sounded hoarse and strained as I listened to it over the PA system. Brandi spread her legs and with her arms raised my body in between them. As she closed them on my waist I knew that I was wrong; I was already feeling pain and she wasn't squeezing yet. I knew when she did; she tensed her entire body, flexing every muscle and concentrating all of her power into her legs. I could not breathe, I panicked and tried to thrash around, but I had nothing left; it was unbelievable, here I was dangling between the legs of a woman being crushed into oblivion and I was helpless. This beautiful 19 year old was crushing me once again into the pit of unconsciousness. This time I went all the way out.

"Hello sleepy head, you must have gotten bored and went to sleep on me. How's that 'macho' body feel after tangling with this wildcat? have you had enough?" To emphasize her questions she flexed her arms and legs. I assured her I had had enough and was willing to do as she said. Her comment to this was, "I knew you'd come around to my way of thinking. But it has sure been fun to 'train' you. Now say, Go cats, beat Tennessee. And I want to hear you say, nothing sucks like a big orange. " She held the microphone up to my mouth and I said Go cats, beat Tennessee with no problem. I hesitated on the other statement. Instantly Brandi straddled my head, bent over and raised my neck between her calves, and squeezed me until I was screaming, NOTHING SUCKS LIKE A BIG ORANGE. She released me and said, " Very good now, I believe that the Tennessee mascot is a dog isn't it? Well I want you to crawl around behind me like a dog. When I say heel and point to my side you had better be there unless you want another session with my strength so soon."

I followed her around on my hands and knees; from this angle I could always see the flex of the muscles in her legs; I also noticed the other female cheerleaders had strong legs and some of them were looking at me as if to say, ' I can take you apart like she did.'

In fact a couple of them came over and squeezed me in a standing head scissors. I was left laying on the ground each time; but, I contributed it to the fact that Brandi had softened my neck up so much. In fact, I really don't know. I'm now a Wild Cat fan. GO CATS !!!

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Ordered Around At The Bank

Walking into the bank, he was still nervous about his new found powers of mind control. He never thought in his wildest dreams that life could be so easy, or so decadent. As he pretended to fill out a deposit slip, he scanned the various tellers to see who would be worthy of his attentions. But first a test. He never tried anything himself without a test. Since his experience on the subway, he had learned to be wary of the rare person who was somehow immune to his influence. He threw the mental 'control net' over the whole bank to alter the mental states of all who were there and all who would enter. No one was to take notice of anything that was to happen.

He scanned carefully and decided upon two people, a middle aged brunette and the security guard. The woman was around 40 but VERY attractive. You could tell that she took pride in her appearance. She wore a yellow business suit, black stockings and high heels. Her hips were rounded with a small waist. He hesitated to mess up her make up, but then he saw that the security guard was an older man, around 60. He probably hadn't had anything exciting in a while. That was to change. The woman's name was Ms. Hyde, as indicated by the name plate on her counter.

*Ms. Hyde, close your window and walk to...... Bill, the security guard*.

Very casually she did so, and walked through the buzzer door and across the bank tile floor, ass swaying gently, her heels clicking the way high heels do. Upon reaching Bill standing next to the bank front doors, she stopped and simply stood expressionless about one foot from Bill.

*Drop slowly to your knees, unzip his pants and take his cock out*

She did so in only the way a woman of experience could. Ms. Hyde slowly sank to her knees and unzipped his navy blue polyester pants. She reached gently into the open fly and.... started to have a bit of trouble. At first he thought that the instructions were muddled. Maybe she was trying to do something else until, she succeeded. My, my, Bill! Officer Bill was hung like a fucking horse. Ms. Hyde was trying to retrieve all of Bill's cock, and all of it she got. It hung a good ten inches, with big veins all around it. There is NO way this guy is gonna get this up, he thought. But still, we'll find out. Ms. Hyde knelt in front of Bill staring at his huge cock.

*Start stroking it, slowly, on the fifth stroke start sucking on the head*

Ms. Hyde did so, taking her somewhat petite hand and stroking Officer Bill. Not much happened until she started to suck on the head. Bill's face suddenly became flushed.

*Stroke and suck as much of it as you can, make slurping sounds and enjoy it*

Ms. Hyde immediately began to suck in earnest, giving Bill probably one of the best blow jobs of his life. The sight of this executive looking woman sucking the cock of a security guard she probably never thought twice about was a real turn on. He scanned the bank. No one was taking any notice. Fine. Let's finish this test.

*Bill, you're about to cum big*

Immediately the veins in Bill's neck stood out. Ms. Hyde's moans were muffled by the wet, deep blow job she was giving.

*Ms. Hyde, you'll suck him deep into your throat, swallow the first jet of cum, but keep the rest in your mouth and when he's done, dribble it out of your mouth and down your chin*

Bill became rigid as he shot his first load into Ms. Hydes mouth. Immediately his cock disappeared into Ms. Hydes mouth up to his balls. Her adams apple bobbed as she swallowed the first load, with some enthusiasm. Bill musta shot three more times before letting out a gasp. His cock made a popping noise as it was freed from Ms. Hydes wet mouth. Slowly cum began to dribble out of Ms Hyde's mouth, the thick goo flowing down her chin and spilling on her white silk blouse. Very nice. everything had gone well. Now it was his turn. His attention was drawn to Ms. Makawa, a very pretty, petite Japanese teller, around twenty three. Perfect. Ben climbed over the teller counter and inspected her as she continued to count money, stamp checks, and scribble on papers. He glanced over to the door and realized he had left Ms. Hyde with raw knees.

*Ms. Hyde, get up and walk back to your teller window. DON'T wipe your mouth. Continue to do business as usual*

Ms. Hyde did so, continuing to help customers, her lips and chin shiny with Bill's fresh cum.

*Ms. Makawa, get off your chair and stand while you do business*

As she did so, he realized what a nice tight ass she had. She was only about five feet tall with shoulder length jet black hair.

*Do you do aerobics?*

'Yes' she answered aloud, 'three times a week'. Figured. She was wearing a flowery dress with a wide black belt around her small waist. Black high heels and black panty hose, a welcome sight.

*Ms. Makawa, lean forward with your elbows on the counter and spread your legs a bit*

As she did so immediately, the sight of her small round ass gave him a huge hard on. He lifted the hem of her dress and pushed it around her waist. NO UNDERWEAR! Just the pantyhose. He stuck his fingers under waistband and pulled them slowly down to her knees. God she looked good. Her pussy was small with just a wisp of hair.

*Tell the old lady you're helping to please excuse you while you get fucked from behind*

'Would you please excuse me a second Mrs. Wasser, I'm going to be fucked from behind' Mrs. Wasser looked quizzically for a second and just said 'Oh that's fine dear'.

*Think of the last good orgasm you had Ms. Makawa.... by the way, what's your first name?* 'Cyndy' *Ah then Cyndy, remember the last orgasm you had, let it make your pussy sopping wet*

Just then Cyndy closed her eyes and let out a slight moan. Ben dropped his pants and shoved his eight inches into her right then and there. Seeing Ms. Hydes sperm soaked lips and Cyndy's glistening pussy was too much. Ben fucked her for all he was worth. Cyndy moaned loudly, her breathing quickening. Ben grabbed a handful of dress with one hand and pulled her hair back with the other. He was pumping away furiously, feeling her cervix with every sharp push. She was tight, really tight. He let go of her hair and rubbed his hand over her back and ended up at her face. *Suck my fingers* She immediately began to suck his fingertips, slowly and first then with more enthusiasm. Sucking his middle finger all the way into her throat. That was more than he could stand.

*Cum now!*

She let out a low scream as he began to shoot load upon load of sperm into her pussy. He pushed deep, very deep and shot his last load. God this was great, he thought.....

*Continue your business with the lady*

'Thank you for waiting Mrs. Wasser, I'm finished being fucked from behind now'.

*Pull up your pantyhose, fix your dress, kiss me, and say 'thank you for fucking me so hard and good'*

Cyndy fixed her clothes, pulled me tight, and kissed me sloppily, thrusting her tongue in my mouth. 'Thank you for fucking me so hard and good' she said in an almost girlish voice. Ben then zipped himself, went to back, grabbed the surveillance video tape and proceeded out front door. He smiled, stuck his head back in the door and projected

*you can zip yourself up now Bill. Everybody resume*.

Ben looked at Ms. Hyde and saw her lick her lips with surprise. Quickly she wiped her lips and chin with her finger.... and stuck it in her mouth, smiling slightly. 'I knew it' he thought to himself. Smiling he walked out, his finger still wet with Cyndy's saliva. Cyndy herself noticing the smell of cum emanating from the crotch of her pantyhose. She spread her legs a bit and enjoyed the warm wetness. The front door closed and Ben was gone.

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